Receive Overpaints And Art Critiques From Pro Artists

A shortcut to mastering head and figure drawings with our weekly expert critiques, giving you clear and personalized plan to improve your art.

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Receive Overpaints And Art Critiques From Pro Artists

Tired of Art Courses That Leave You to Figure Things Out Alone?

When you are left to figure out things by yourself
You find yourself following along tutorials that don't match your current skill level, causing confusion and slowing down your art improvement.
You fall into a bad habit of repeating the same mistakes in your art, wasting a lot of time and slowing down your improvement.
You feel stuck because you lack feedback to effectively apply what you learn to your own art.

And that means you have less time to do art, constantly doubting if you are doing the right thing, and not feeling confident about the future.

You shouldn’t have to waste your time trying a million things to improve at art when there's already a proven plan that will work for you.

Doodle Warriors Bootcamp is a hands-on program for digital artists who are serious about improving their art and reaching a professional level fast.

Inside the Bootcamp, You’ll...

Follow a proven practice
Follow a proven practice plan to improve your artGet access to step-by-step Portrait and Figure exercises, specifically made to match your current skill level.
Get Feedback From A Coach
Get Feedback From A CoachYou will get access to a certified art coach who will give you personal feedback and paintovers to help you figure out what is keeping you back from improving your Portrait and Figure drawings.
Level Up Your Art
Level Up Your ArtProgress through each lesson with confidence, gaining the right skills and avoiding bad habits that can slow down your improvement.
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What You Get In Doodle Warriors Bootcamp

Weekly Art Critique & Q&A Livestreams With our Coaches

Weekly Art Critique & Q&A Livestreams With our Coaches

You will be able to submit your art exercises on the weekly art critique livestreams where one of our coaches will give you a personal paintover with a clear plan on what you need to fix in your art.

You will also be able to get all of your questions answered inside the live Q&A.

Livestream Recordings Library

Livestream Recordings Library

You will be able to access each livestream recording so you never worry about missing out on a livestream.

You will also gain access to over 200 Weeks of livestream recordings on-demand that will help you to easily understand and apply the information from each lesson.

Exclusive Discord Channels

Exclusive Discord Channels

Get access to exclusive Bootcamp channels dedicated to each lesson inside our courses, Portrait System and Figure System.

You will be able to see the common mistakes of other artists so you can avoid them, and learn from the good examples to shortcut your art progress.

Meet Your Coaches


Fun FactLoves to paint figures and often wishes he had CTRL+Z for his traditional art



Fun FactChronically paints on the wrong layer yet refuses to start naming them



Fun FactConstantly starts new WIPs instead of actually finishing drawings


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Trying to Get Better At Digital
Art is Overwhelming

If you don’t have a roadmap...
Many aspiring artists find themselves drowning in a sea of random tutorials, tips, and tricks that promise instant improvement but deliver little.
This overwhelming flood of confusing advice often lacks a clear, structured plan, leaving artists frustrated and stuck, doubting their journey and questioning their talent.
It's like having a puzzle with missing pieces—no matter how hard you try, the picture never comes together.

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  • Watch a lesson
  • Practice with homework
  • Receive personal feedback
  • Fix your mistakes and improve!
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Limited spots available inside the personal feedback Bootcamp

Limited spots available inside the personal feedback Bootcamp

Doodle Warriors Essentials logoDW Essentials
Doodle Warriors Portrait System logoDW Portrait System
Doodle Warriors Figure System logoDW Figure System
Doodle Warriors Figure System logoDW Bootcamp

  • How To Draw 3D Looking Portraits
  • How To Draw 3D Looking Figures
  • How To Shade Like a Pro
  • The Step-By-Step Coloring Process
  • How To Start Drawing In Any Art Style
  • Over 100 Hours Of Step-By-Step Video Lessons (and constantly growing)
  • Follow Along Video Tutorials After Each Lesson To Apply What You Learn
  • Weekly Personal Feedback On Your Art To Fast-Track Your Results
  • Monthly Drawing Tutorials
  • Monthly Drawing Challanges
  • Access To Private Discord Community


  • Access To The Feedback Recordings Library
  • The 6 Principles Of Pro Artists To Reach Pro Level In Less Than A Year
  • Digital Artist Setup Guide
  • Reference Library with 450+ Portrait and Figure References
  • The Artist Guide To Create An Impactful Art Profile

Medal 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inside the DW Academy, you will discover the step-by-step method for reaching a professional level at digital painting, no matter if you’re new to digital art or you’ve been practicing for multiple years and you feel stuck.

Our courses are not for any specific level, since they work for both beginners and advanced artists and have been proven to work by hundreds of artists from any type of background.
No, inside the Academy, besides sharing all of the brushes, shortcuts and tools you’ll need, we help you select the best drawing tablet and painting software that matches your unique needs.

The Academy is not limited to any specific tools, so you can join without even having a digital tablet.
The art fundamentals that are covered inside the DW Academy are applicable for any type of a professional artist, no matter if you want to become a:
  • Concept artist
  • Illustrator
  • Anime/Manga artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Comic Book artist
Or just a hobby artist who loves painting

If you want to reach a professional level in digital art without going through years of art block, and to have fun while following step-by-step system to help you improve at:
  • Portraits
  • Figures
  • Characters
  • Stylized Paintings, and more

While simultaneously getting a full grasp of the art fundamentals, then DW Academy is exactly for you.
Unlike many other courses, DW Academy shows you how to apply all of the information you learn through practical step-by-step exercises, providing you with drawing workbooks and a clear progress roadmap to follow.

Another aspect that sets DW Academy apart is access to our hands-on program, Bootcamp, where you can submit your art and receive feedback from our coaches, helping you progress even quicker and avoid bad habits that can slow you down.

Many courses often skip vital information, lack clear instructions, and may not suit all learning styles.

We ensure our method works for everyone, including complete beginners with no previous experience. DW Academy starts from the very beginning with detailed, bite-sized videos and a hands-on learning experience.